Cuerpo teórico

The creating psyche


This book proposes to think about the creative processes using the diverse scopes of human experience. With a theoretical axis based in the psychoanalysis, the author approaches the creative processes by interdisciplinary paths, taking in consideration the look of poets, philosophers, artists, narrators and scientists; In this way, Borges, Rilke, Proust Paz, Deleuze, Rimbaud, Prigogine are evoked. The proposal of Héctor J Fiorini is based on thinking about the creative psyche as constituting a system inside the psychic system. He travels through the founding concepts of that system –creation objects, dimensions of the subject of creation, psychic spaces where the creative processes and their ways of thinking tertiary processes, transtemporality)–, and thinks, then, in an open psychoanalysis, the one that takes the creative order as an organizer of theory, technique and the psychoanalytic clinic.

Héctor Juan Fiorini is a psychoanalytic doctor, professor of the Faculty of Psychology of the Buenos Aires University and guest professor of psychoanalytic institutions and universities in Latin America, Europe and the United States of America. Director of the Center of Studies in Psychotherapies, he is author of several books in his speciality that have international recognition, amongst them “Theory and technique of psychotherapies” (Buenos Aires), “Structures and approaches in psychoanalytical psychotherapics» and “The theoretical and clinical field of the psychoanalytical psychotherapics” (Buenos Aires, Tekné).

Edición XX